The Commission for

Victims and Survivors

To improve the lives of all victims and survivors of the Conflict.

Policy and Research 30 Jan, 2019

PEACE IV Victims and Survivors Research Programme: Addressing Needs and Contributing to a Better Future

In December 2018, the Centre for Cross Border Studies (CCBS) launched their annual Journal of Cross Border Studies in Ireland in the Moot Court, QUB School of Law. The journal features an article written by Dr Neil Foster, Research Officer at the Commission for Victims and Survivors.

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Commissioner 12 Dec, 2018

Commissioner on Good Morning Britain to Discuss Call for an Amnesty for all

Judith Thompson was interviewed on Good Morning Britain on ITV today to discuss recent calls for an amnesty for all. Interviewed along with the Commissioner was Kevin Maguire, Editor of the Daily Mirror and General Lord Dannatt, former Head of the British Army.

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Commissioner 12 Nov, 2018

Addressing the Legacy of Northern Ireland’s Past: CVSNI Advice to Politicians

The Commission for Victims and Survivors is currently developing advice around dealing with the legacy of the past; this advice will be submitted to the Secretary of State in December 2018 and released publicly in January 2019.

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Commissioner 23 Oct, 2018

NICCY and CVS Welcome the first IRC Report

Welcoming the first report from The Independent Reporting Commission (IRC) on progress on tackling paramilitary activity in Northern Ireland, the Children’s Commissioner and Victim’s Commissioner have issued the following joint statement.

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