All our staff are experienced professionals who care deeply about the work we do.

The Commissioner 

The Commissioner is the Corporate Sole of the Commission. They set the strategic direction, provide government with advice and Chair the Victims and Survivors Forum. 

The post is currently vacant.  

Our team is led by Chief Executive, Andrew Sloan. He is the Accounting Officer for the Commission and responsible for the smooth running of the organisation.  

He is supported by 10 staff across three departments working closely together to help the Commission meet its aims. 

The Research and Policy Development department provides the Commissioner with evidence-based policy information on key issues, working closely with victims and survivors, our Forum and the sector.  

This allows victims and survivors voices to be reflected in the policy advice we deliver to government.  

The Communications and Engagement department monitors the political environment and helps develop strategies and stakeholder engagement plans to underpin the Commission’s work. 

They also manage the Victims and Survivors Forum 

The Finance and Corporate Affairs department ensures high standards of corporate governance, accountability and confidence in our work.  

They manage all our policies, procedures and systems, supporting the Chief Executive in his Accounting Officer responsibilities. 

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