The staffing structure of the Commission is made up of 11 direct recruits who work in three teams to deliver the Commission’s Corporate Outcomes.

Research and Policy Development

The Research and Policy Development Team provide the Commissioner with policy advice on key issues concerning victims and survivors. The Head of Research and Policy Development and their team ensures that the advice submitted by the Commission is thoroughly researched with a robust evidence base and inclusive of consultation. The work of this Team is closely aligned to the Commission’s statutory duties and includes research, policy review and policy advice on a host of issues. The Team also work closely with the Victims and Survivors Forum seeking their views to include in policy recommendations to the Commissioner.

The Research and Policy Development Team work closely with the Communications and Engagement Team, to take account of new and emerging issues arising from engagement with individuals and groups, and in the promotion of policy advice through the Commission’s Communication Strategy.

Communications and Engagement Team

The Communications and Engagement Team support the Secretary to the Commission in the development and management of the Commission’s internal and external stakeholder strategies. They are key in increasing awareness of issues relating to victims and survivors and for providing support and advice to the Commissioner on emerging issues and insights into stakeholder audiences. The Team also co-ordinate all stakeholder engagement for the Commission, including management and delivery of the Victims and Survivors Forum.

The Team are responsible for implementing the Commission’s Communications Strategy which underpins the Commission’s new Corporate Plan 2017-20. In addition, the Team provide a front line service, engaging with victims and survivors who contact the Commission with policy-related queries or complaints.

Corporate Services Team

The Corporate Services Team manage all of the Commission’s policies, procedures and systems, are responsible for providing advice and guidance to senior management and staff, and for supporting the Secretary to the Commission in his fulfilment of Accounting Officer responsibilities.

To ensure the ongoing confidence of the public in the Commission for Victims and Survivors, the Corporate Services Team ensure the organisation maintains the highest standards of corporate governance and accountability.

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Although the Commission has a small staff, they are highly experienced professionals whose skills reinforce working in partnership with the victims sector. We continually seek to develop our staff in ways in which they are able to meet their full potential and enhance the contribution they make to the Commission's work to review, engage, advise, research and promote the issues and needs of victims and survivors.

Staff are actively encouraged to research and learn about all aspects of their work and the issues that are important to victims and survivors.

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Chief Executive Officer

Head of Communications and Engagement 

Head of Research and Policy Development

Head of Corporate Services

Communications and Engagement Officer

Research Officer

Policy Officer

Corporate Services Manager


Personal Secretary


Finance and Assets Officer


Engagement Support Officer

Information and Records Officer

 Research and Policy Officer