Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Sloan

As Chief Executive of the Commission for Victims and Survivors, Andrew is responsible for managing the performance of the organisation, ensuring good governance and looking after its operational needs. 

Through his direction he steers the team in what is a highly sensitive political environment, and he always brings every decision back to the Commission’s vision - to improve the lives of all victims and survivors of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

This, he believes, helps deliver one of the many small, incremental changes that Northern Ireland needs to build for the future.

Throughout his time at the Commission, Andrew has been inspired by the passion his team has to make a difference in victims and survivors’ lives.  Most significantly, he highlights their work to advise and influence the Victim’s Payment Scheme, which has now become law.

He says: “The payment scheme will help make life a bit easier for victims and survivors, especially for those who have suffered disabilities that they are now carrying with them into old age.”

Andrew joined the Commission in October 2018 as interim Chief Executive, and was formally appointed to the position in January 2019.

He brings with him a wealth of experience in leading organisations and setting corporate direction.

A trained accountant, he began his career in London, working in the City with an international chartered accountancy practice.  He then spent seven years working in the charity sector where he managed an organisation running youth and community centres in inner city areas of London.

After returning to Northern Ireland, Andrew became Director of Corporate Services at the Rural Development Council, then spent 15 years as Director of Finance and Resources with Sport Northern Ireland. Before joining the Commission, he was Head of Finance and Resources at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute.

To relax, Andrew enjoys spending time with his family in Banbridge, flying light aeroplanes and hosting a Sunday morning request show on his local community radio station.