The Commissioner

Judith Thompson is the Commissioner for Victims and Survivors of the conflict in Northern Ireland. She was reappointed in 2019 after serving her first term from 2015.

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Judith Thompson

Commissioner for Victims and Survivors Email

During her tenure as Commissioner Judith has delivered advice that has positively reshaped the delivery of services to victims and survivors that will help all of civic society to heal, and build for a better future.

Judith’s advice to UK government regarding the Victim’s Payment has helped create the legislation recently laid in Westminster which will deliver financial support to those most severely injured.

Her continual support for progress on legacy issues has seen her deliver advice to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and the Irish government on ‘Addressing the Legacy of Northern Ireland’s Past’ (January 2019)

Through her 30 year career working within the justice sector and in communities affected by conflict Judith has been committed to advocating for the needs of victims and survivors.

During the intense period of the 1980s in Northern Ireland Judith was a community-based probation officer in North Belfast, where she saw first-hand the impact of the conflict both on families and their communities.

Judith later worked within Skills for Justice where she supported police reform and ensured standards for policing within the community were fit for purpose.

Judith has engaged internationally to promote shared learning amongst post-conflict societies including travelling to Afghanistan in 2016 as part of an EU delegation and to Bosnia in 2017 as part of Remembering Srebrenica.  In addition to this, Judith has hosted delegations from Switzerland, Israel and Turkey.

She is responsible for convening the Victims and Survivors Forum as a place for consultation on issues affecting victims and survivors of the conflict and ensuring their lived experience is kept at the heart of all research and policy advice development carried out by her office.

Judith is married and has two grown-up daughters.