Donal Dunn, Derry/Londonderry

Donal Dunn was 18 years old when his father was killed in a bomb explosion at May Street, Derry in January 1974. The father of six was killed along with work colleague Cecilia Byrne. The bomb was claimed by the Official IRA.

Contributing to a number of documentaries and books over the last few years helped Donal begin to deal with the trauma caused by his father’s death. More recently, he became interested in joining the Forum.

“I feel that I’ve come to the Forum with an open mind and I also bring my experiences of the past. I realise that with the passage of time, it’s unlikely anyone will be held accountable for my father’s death and that of his colleague. It is time to move on and help others who may still be suffering, and need support. I hope the Forum can give a voice to those who suffer, and have suffered, in silence. It’s important to acknowledge the past but I hope we can also build a better future for other victims and survivors, in a Forum that is guided by equality and respect.”

Donal described what he hopes the Forum can achieve:

“I would like to see proper mental health trauma services for victims and survivors, to help those who have been bereaved or are suffering from physical or mental injuries. A pension is something that is also needed, as well as support available for carers of victims and survivors. I would like to see a mechanism in place for victims and survivors to get the truth of what happened to them or their loved one, and a ‘legacy programme’ to provide funding to families of victims. I would like to see all the proposals outlined in the Stormont House Agreement put in place and for the concerns of victims and survivors to be recognised by all governments.”