Emmett McConomy, Derry/Londonderry

On 16th April 1982, Emmett’s 11 year old brother Stephen McConomy was shot by a British Army solider with a plastic bullet in the back of the head. Stephen died three days later, leaving his mother, two younger brothers and wider family circle broken-hearted.

Emmett, who was just seven years old when his brother died, described his reasons for joining the Forum:

“I joined the Forum so that I could make a positive contribution and to help victims and survivors and wider society. I hope to share my experience and learn from others, and to take part in discussions that will make a difference and lead to change. Many victims and survivors are seeking acknowledgement, truth and justice, while the provision for services and a pension for those severely injured are also important issues. These are all areas where I hope I can make a contribution though open and honest dialogue. Personally, I feel that participating in the Forum will allow me to be a voice for my brother and my family.”

Emmett’s aspirations for the Forum include a wish to see proposed mechanisms for dealing with the past put in place:

“I hope that the Forum can see the mechanisms that were promised and agreed upon fully implemented, and that the voices of all victims and survivors will be heard.”