Kathryn Johnston, Co. Down

Kathryn’s father, Constable Harry Beckett, was shot dead by the IRA while he was on duty in Belfast city centre, on 30th June 1990.

“My mother Isobel died of a broken heart on 27 December 1990. I was 17 at the time,” Kathryn said.

Kathryn described her reasons for joining the Forum:

“I decided to join the Forum because for too long the government have done absolutely nothing to help victims. Instead we are used for political point scoring for their advantage. So together as a Forum, we can use our diverse yet collective voice to help implement change.”

Asked what she hopes to bring to the Forum, Kathryn said:

“I hope to bring a different perspective. I've never been involved in any victims groups, as there are none locally, and I've always felt I didn't fit in with many of the long standing groups. I have a tremendous passion and empathy for all victims and survivors and feel we must work towards a better future with assistance and support from the governments and wider society.

Legacy issues must be addressed for all of us to move on.”

Kathryn outlined what she hopes the Forum can achieve:

“I would like to see a positive and forward-looking implementation of all legacy issues, as up until now this has been swept under the carpet. These legacy issues remain untouched while victims and survivors get older, which adds an unfair burden to one in three of the population. By 2019 it would be truly wonderful if the Forum was just an ‘overseeing group’ which ensured the flow of all the previously agreed policies for victims in the Stormont House Agreement.”