Lesley Veronica, Belfast

Lesley Veronica’s father, David Bingham, was a part-time member of the UDR. He was shot and killed by the IRA in January 1973 when Lesley was just four years old.

Lesley has been a member of the Forum since September 2016. She described her reasons for joining:

“I wanted to join the Forum because I believed it was time to challenge the way victims’ voices are appropriated by mainstream politics. I also believe that many victims fall outside of the expected rhetoric and that voice needed to be heard.”

Asked what she can bring to the Forum Lesley said:

“I bring to the Forum a clear head, sound academic training which helps me to understand issues from a broad international perspective, compassion and a determination for peace.”

Lesley described her aspirations for what the group could achieve:

“I hope to see the Forum play a role in progressing the peace process by helping politicians find a way forward with tricky legacy issues and the thorny issue of dealing with the past. By 2019 I would hope the Forum will have achieved a pension for the physically injured, the setting up of the Oral History Archive, the Independent Commission on and the Information Retrieval and Historical Investigations Unit. I would also like to see the implementation of many of the ‘dealing with the past’ initiatives discussed in the Stormont House Agreement.”