Mina Jadeja, London

Mina sustained serious injuries in the IRA Harrods bomb which happened on 17th December 1983. She was shopping with her sister and two nephews at the time.

Although Mina survived, her injuries and the experience have had an extremely detrimental effect on her life. Asked why she decided to join the Forum, Mina said:

“I decided to join the Forum to have a voice and to able to be heard. Lack of support, advice and help for me and my family has prompted me to talk about our predicament publicly. I also want to highlight the issues that other victims and survivors are suffering with, and to challenge the government on their apparent lack of interest in what matters most to us.”

Mina described what she hopes to bring to the Forum:

“I want to share my experience and to listen to and understand what others have been through and to raise awareness of the ongoing challenges for all victims and survivors. Being able to influence and hold our government to account so they can assist victims and survivors to inform policy would be one of my aims. I would also like to see an open dialogue between victims and survivors from different incidents and different political and cultural backgrounds. My wish is for the Forum discussions to highlight that the Troubles and the violence should never return.”

Looking ahead to 2019, Mina described the outcomes she would like to see being achieved:

“I hope that victims’ and survivors’ needs will be fully met and supported by all sectors and that funding will be ring-fenced to ensure victims and survivors are looked after in the long-term.”