Carmel Rooney, Co. Fermanagh

Carmel experienced Troubles-related violence as a witness in the 1970s.

Asked about her reasons for joining the Forum, Carmel said:

“I joined the Forum because I am very interested in the current and long-term needs of victims and survivors and I have a particular interest on the impact of transgenerational trauma.”

Carmel described what she hopes to achieve through her participation in the group:

“I hope that by being part of this Forum I can raise awareness about the transgenerational impact of Troubles-related incidents. I look forward to listening to and learning about others’ experiences and working collectively to achieve better recognition of the effects of mental trauma. It’s my wish that we can achieve better services for victims and survivors and to raise awareness among wider society.”

The diverse nature of the Forum is one of its strongest features, Carmel said:

“The Victims and Survivors’ Forum is diverse because each one of us brings our own complex history and background. While our personal stories may be different, we have many things in common. Our strength comes from our willingness to work together, to achieve common goals and most importantly, to strive to do all we can so that the events of the past do not happen again.”

Looking to the future, Carmel believes the Forum could potentially achieve many positive outcomes for victims and survivors.