Denise Mullen, Co. Tyrone

Denise witnessed the murder of her father, Denis Mullen, and the attempted murder of her mother, Olive, by the Glenanne Gang on 1st September 1975, when she was four years old. Both her parents were SDLP political activists with strong beliefs in civil rights and equality. Denise currently lives with her mother and two sons.

Denise was motivated to join the Forum because she is a committed campaigner for victims and has a wide knowledge of how best to signpost victims and survivors to appropriate services.

“I am a firm believer in inclusivity and I enjoy working with my fellow Forum members to ensure a better quality of life for all victims and survivors” she said.

“In terms of what I can bring to the Forum, I would say honesty, knowledge and an ability to connect with people at a grass roots level. Witnessing my father’s murder has had a major impact on my life and health. As a Forum member I hope to achieve understanding of other victims and survivors and their issues and hope to share the experiences of other victims and survivors I know.”

Looking ahead, Denise described what she hopes the Forum can achieve:

“I hope that by 2019, when this Forum has served a full term that we will have victims’ and survivors’ services that are inclusive and fit for purpose. I’m also interested in advocacy and believe that victims and survivors should be supported and helped. I hope we will see a pension being available for those who are severely physically and mentally injured.”