Jan Crawford, Co. Tyrone

Jan is the carer for her husband Garry, who was severely injured in the Teebane bombing in January 1992. Jan and Garry were engaged at the time and were married in July 1992. They have three children.

Jan describes her motivation for joining the Forum:

“I joined the Forum because I was aware that it was approaching 25 years since the Teebane bombing and nothing had been achieved in that time. I felt we needed a more in-depth view of what was being done to alleviate the pain of victims and survivors in terms of legacy and provision of services and how these could be developed.”

Jan hopes that she can make a valuable contribution to the Forum by sharing her problem-solving skills in difficult discussions, as well as her experience as a carer for more than 25 years which she says, has helped her to see the human aspect of victim and survivor issues.

“It’s also important that we have a holistic and constructive approach in the Forum to give us a clear focus so that we can overcome what seems unachievable. I hope we can work through issues around legacy and reparation and that the political arena will play its part too, through delivering on what has been promised - for victims and survivors, and for everyone in society. Looking ahead, I hope we can achieve a collective voice that will help implement a lasting peace in society. My wish is that the needs and aspirations of victims and survivors, and the work we’ve done, will be recognised by the public. I would like to see the Forum being held up as a good example that may inspire others.”