Jeremy Adams, Co. Antrim

Jeremy experienced physical injury and mental trauma as result of a number of conflict-related incidents as a schoolboy and while on duty as a police officer. In one incident in 1974, he witnessed his neighbour being murdered by the IRA. In his role as a police officer he was injured in separate incidents in 1985 and in 1993.


Jeremy explained why he wanted to join the Forum:

“I wanted to share my experience with others and to advocate for better services for all those who suffered during the Troubles, in particular improved mental and physical health services for those who need it. I was also motivated to join the Forum in the hope that I could work with others to build a better future whilst remembering our past. I hope to bring my experience of witnessing the Troubles at an early age as well as my background in policing a divided society. I was seriously injured in a terrorist attack that claimed two lives when I was a 20-year old police officer and I was also injured on a further two occasions. I also attended and witnessed several terrorist incidents across the province during my 30 years of police service.

In the Forum, I hope to share the work that I have done, and still do, in regard to cohesion, sharing and integration in Northern Ireland. I bring a willingness to listen and work with others in addressing victim and survivor issues and to find common ground to make it happen.”

Jeremy is confident that there will be positive outcomes to come from the Forum:

“By being on the Forum, I hope to help achieve success in improving the availability of important services to victims and survivors,” he said

“I also hope that by sharing my story with others and informing them of how difficult and challenging policing can be in Northern Ireland. I hope the Forum will have helped bring about a greater awareness of victim and survivor issues and the need for readily available services, as well as a greater sense of victims’ and survivors’ alliance and remembering that pain is the same for all victims and survivors.”