Robert McClenaghan, Co. Antrim

On 4th December 1971 Robert’s grandfather, Philip Garry, was killed in the McGurk’s Bar bombing. He was a 73-year-old school lollipop man and was the oldest of the 15 men, women and children killed at McGurk’s.

For the past 25 years Robert has campaigned to establish what happened that night and hopes that others can learn from his experience of seeking acknowledgment, truth and justice, if they wish. He explained his motivation for joining the Forum:

“By joining the Forum, I want to share my knowledge and experience and to be an agent for positive change on the Forum, by building consensus. I have been a campaigner with the McGurk’s Bar families for 25 years and during that time I have acquired a range of skills that I hope will benefit others.”

Robert hopes that as a Forum member he and others can reach consensus on how to deal with the past. He also aims to gain a greater understanding of others’ personal journeys. He added:

“I hope that collectively, the Forum will have helped achieve the implementation of the Stormont House Agreement proposals as well as adequate services for those who survived the conflict.”