"Better Together: Reviewing the Needs of Victims and Survivors" - Peace IV Research 

Effective Advocacy Services - Peace IV Research on the Provision of Advocacy Services

Talking about our past and present - The impacts of Conflict Legacy

"It didn't end in '98" - Peace IV Research on Intergenerational Impacts of the Troubles/Conflict

LucidTalk Population Survey Results



Victims and Survivors Mid-Term Review Project Final Summary Report March 2017


Children and Young People Engagement Project: Research Report April 2016

Evaluation of Personalised Budget February 2016


Towards a Better Future: The Transgenerational Impact of the Troubles on Mental Health March 2015

Impact of the Victim Support Programme February 2015

Impact of the Individual Needs Programme February 2015


Pension for the Severely Injured Project Report April 2014

WKM Independent Assessment of the Victims and Survivors Service February 2014

CIPFA Independent Assessment of the Victims and Survivors Service February 2014


Young People's Transgenerational Issues in Northern Ireland April 2012

Historical Investigations and Information Recovery March 2012

Comprehensive Needs Assessment Final Report February 2012


Minimum Practice Framework for Services being provided within the Non-Statutory Sector October 2011

Troubled Consequences: A Report on the Mental Health Impact of the Civil Conflict in Northern Ireland October 2011

Analysis of Current Service Provision June 2011


Analysis of the CVS Module of the NI Omnibus Survey December 2010

Comprehensive Needs Assessment: First Interim Report September 2010