Commissioner has Positive Meeting with Justice Minister

Judith Thompson (Commissioner) and John Beggs (Secretary to the Commission) had a very positive meeting with Justice Minister Claire Sugden on 20th October. The Commissioner emphasised the importance for victims and survivors of implementing proposals for the HIU and for the measures proposed by the Lord Chief Justice to expedite Legacy Inquests. She also emphasised that while most victims and survivors want to see the implementation of these measures it is also vitally important that implementation happens in a victim focused manner.

The Commission’s engagement with victims and their families, along with the research we have conducted, has informed us that victims need to know their rights and need to be supported going through these processes. Different individuals have different needs and preferences so Victims must be given options and choices about the support and information they need to assist them best through what can be challenging and traumatic processes even for individuals who have fought for decades for this opportunity.

We look forward to working with the Minister and with the Department of Justice to see the implementation of these measures in a manner which affords victims survivors and families respect, dignity and support.