Commissioner visits South East Fermanagh Foundation

Judith Thompson recently travelled to Fermanagh to meet the Chair, staff and service users from the South East Fermanagh Foundation.

Kenny Donaldson provided an overview of the broad range of projects provided by SEFF and highlighted the work they continue to conduct with victims and survivors not only in Northern Ireland, but also in Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland. They asked the Commissioner’s support for the ‘Terrorism Knows No Borders’ project which will be launched in Trinity College, Dublin shortly.

Other issues discussed included the engagement between SEFF and Covite (a Spanish victims group) and the Spanish Interior Ministry regarding their model for victims. Other issues included pensions for Army Widows and concerns about the Historical Investigations Unit and accountability and the definition of a victim.

The Commissioner commented:

“It is important to remember that there are many who live outside Northern Ireland who have been harmed as a consequence of the Troubles. Very often their situation is worsened by the lack of understanding of their experience by professionals and by the communities they live in. There needs to be equality between the financial support and services offered to Troubles victims in NI and those elsewhere.”