Commissioner attends Derry Well Women AGM

Commissioner Judith Thompson was the keynote speaker at the Derry Well Women Centre’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the city last week.

Derry Well Women is a not-for-profit centre which offers health and social care services to women of all ages.

In her address to the group, Ms Thompson affirmed her commitment to promoting the interests of victims and survivors, advocating on their behalf and ensuring that those who suffered harm should be at the centre of any process.

“We at the Commission will continue to work to ensure victims and survivors have timely and effective access to evidence-based treatment and support. We will continue to urge our politicians to secure the full implementation of the agreed commitments within the Stormont House Agreement so that we finally begin to resolve the many complex issues linked to our troubled past.”

Ms Thompson was joined by two members of the Victims and Survivors Forum, Minty Thompson and Hazel Deeney, both of whom are from Derry/Londonderry. The two women each gave an account of their personal experience as victims/survivors of the NI conflict, describing the lack of financial and emotional support available to them and others at that time. They also spoke of the lack of opportunity and the profound impact the Troubles had on their lives, as well as those of their contemporaries.