Major Peace IV Funded Research Projects Announced

The Commission for Victims and Survivors has been appointed to manage three PEACE IV funded research projects which will help improve the lives of victims and survivors and their families.

The funding for the research is part of wider package of £13.4m of PEACE IV funds awarded to the Victims and Survivors Service (VSS). It is designed to support the health and well-being of victims and survivors of the troubles in Northern Ireland and the border region of Ireland.

The three-year research programme was launched yesterday at a seminar in Equality House, Belfast where invited guests learned about how it will be delivered and what it aims to achieve.

Individuals from the local academic and research community attended the seminar, along with key stakeholders from the statutory and community/voluntary sector. Members of the Victims and Survivors Forum also attended the event.

Recognising the importance of the research programme, Commissioner for Victims and Survivors Judith Thompson said:

“Evaluating the effectiveness of the support available to victims and survivors through research is one of our key responsibilities. With one in three people in Northern Ireland affected by the events of our troubled past, it’s essential that we continually look at ways to improve services for victims and survivors. The findings of research programmes can help victims and survivors get the right kind of support, so they can begin the process of investigating what happened to them and their loved ones, and if they struggle with injury or mental trauma, that they can live fulfilling lives. It is also our aim that the children and grandchildren of victims and survivors can reach their full potential, free of the burdens of the past.”

Interested parties will be invited to tender for the research contracts during a procurement exercise in autumn 2017.