Individuals Share their Views on the Pension for the Severely Injured

Three members of the Commission’s Pension and Need Group have expressed their hope for a Pension for the Severely Injured being implemented.

Alex Bunting, Jennifer McNern and Peter Heathwood all suffered life-changing injuries during the Troubles. They describe how their ability to work, earn a good salary and save towards a pension was taken from them, and had devastating consequences on their quality of life and financial security.

As members of the Pension and Need Group the three individuals, along with other victims and survivors, have campaigned for many years to have the pension implemented.

The Pension and Need group meets regularly to advocate for the pension and to maintain positive relationships with key decision-makers in government. The Commission believes that more must be done to help those who lost the ability to work, their potential for economic activity and the ability to accrue pensions as a consequence of severe physical injury during the conflict. That is why a pension for severely injured victims and survivors remains a key priority.

What advice did the Commission give to government?

The Commission has strongly advocated for a pension for the severely injured since our formal advice and research was submitted to OFMDFM in April 2014.

The advice paper includes the following:

  • The pension should not be means tested if it is to be a true form of reparation to the injured.

  • Pension payments should not impact on other state benefits.

  • Individuals who are physically or psychologically injured as a consequence of a conflict related incident are eligible.

  • The pension should pay benefits for the life of the eligible recipients and for their spouses, dependents and carers.

Click to download the advice paper: Advice on a Pension for the Severely Injured June 2014

Click on each video to view Alex, Jennifer and Peter discussing the pension: