Commissioner on Good Morning Britain to Discuss Call for an Amnesty for all

Judith Thompson was interviewed on Good Morning Britain on ITV today to discuss recent calls for an amnesty for all. Interviewed along with the Commissioner was Kevin Maguire, Editor of the Daily Mirror and General Lord Dannatt, former Head of the British Army.

In response to recent calls for an amnesty for all, the Commissioner emphasised the complexity; not all victims and survivors want an amnesty. Many victims and survivors have unanswered questions in relation to incidents and deaths that happened during the Conflict. These individuals and families not only have the right, but they also deserve to have at least an opportunity to have these questions answered.

Drawing a line under the legacy of the Troubles and its impact is “a very, very harsh thing to do and it will leave people feeling that there is simply no care for victims and survivors”.

Judith added that she speaks to many ex-soldiers and their families who do not want an amnesty as they feel that this equates them to those involved in paramilitary activities during the Troubles.

Overall, an amnesty for all would take away opportunities for victims and survivors from all sides to even seek the truth, justice or acknowledgement that they feel an investigation would bring.

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