The Commission for Victims and Survivors NI would like to inform you that the three tender processes for the PEACE IV-funded Research Programme have been initiated and are currently live on the Department of Finance's eTendersNI website and the Government of Ireland’s Office of Government Procurement (OGP) website.

The tender processes for the Review of Trauma Services, Transgenerational Legacy and Young People and the Advocacy Support Services research projects are currently live.  The deadlines for applications have been extended due to technical difficulties and will now close on Monday 29 January 2018 at 3pm.

Further information relating to each of the three tender processes can be accessed via either the eTendersNI website at: or the Office Government Procurement (OGP) website:

To access all documentation for each respective tender process individuals and/or organisations must register with either eTendersNI or eTenders Ireland (OGP).

Information on how to do so can be accessed at the following links:


eTenders Ireland (OGP)

All queries in relation to each of the three tender processes must be sent through the eTendersNI messaging system.  To gain access to the messaging service you be need to register with eTendersNI as instructed above.”