Unacceptable Re-Victimisation of Victims and Survivors Must Stop

Judith Thompson, Commissioner for Victims and Survivors has spoken of the unacceptable re-victimisation of those who have been impacted by posts and comments that have been made across media and social media outlets these past few days and is calling on all of those who have a public voice to be more conscious of the impact of thoughtless comments and politicisation of victims issues.

“I have been aware of many instances recently, where victims and survivors throughout our community, felt traumatised by the public reaction of those who should know better; Kingsmill is yet another example of this and it has to stop.

“This is something I have fully intended to address but will do so in a way that keeps the impact on victims and survivors at the heart of the issue and maintains respect for their experiences.

“Make no mistake, I am determined that all victims and survivors will be treated with dignity and respect and that their hurt or loss will not be minimised.

“I have been in contact with Kingsmill families and will be engaging with the families directly over the coming weeks.”


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