NIO Consultation: Addressing the Legacy of Northern Ireland’s Past

The Commission is planning to host closed-group information sessions throughout August to help with understanding the proposals outlined in the current Northern Ireland Office Legacy Consultation.

We are encouraging your feedback to allow us to inform our own consultation response and provide guidance on how you can have your say by submitting an individual response.

We at the Commission strongly believe that through hearing and promoting the voices of those most affected by the conflict, that we can encourage an all-round, victim-centred approach to how the proposed agencies are designed and put into practice.

Dates and venues for each region have yet to be confirmed, however, in order to help us make the arrangements for these feedback groups, we are asking individuals to complete and return a Registration of Interest Form to allow us to make appropriate arrangements. Alternatively, you can call the office on (028) 9031 1000.

Please note that in order to ensure every voice is heard, focus group numbers will be no greater than eight per table.  Any individual who is unable to attend a focus group but would like to feed back to the consultation can also contact our office on (028) 9031 1000.