Commissioner Welcomes Launch of Consultation on Addressing the Legacy of the Past

The Commissioner for Victims and Survivors, Judith Thompson has welcomed the release of the consultation on Addressing the Legacy of the Past.

The Commissioner said,

“The system as it exists cannot and was not designed to deal with the complex legacy of the Troubles and the outstanding 1700 deaths that have not been investigated. Families have waited decades for investigations, answers and acknowledgement and there are people dying while they are waiting.

We need different architecture to deliver for victims and survivors and a different way to have a conversation about the past. The key principles behind this should be that it meets the needs of victims and survivors and designed in collaboration with them. It needs to promote reconciliation and recovery for individuals and our society and be consistent to the Rule of Law.

I would also commend the members of the Victims and Survivors Forum for their tireless work with political parties, government and policy makers in the past year to ensure that this consultation was delivered. There are also mechanisms contained in the Stormont House Agreement including the Pension for the Severely Injured and it is critically important that this is delivered as soon as possible”.

NISRA conducted a survey for the Commission of the NI population earlier this year and 26% of respondents said they were affected by the conflict in Northern Ireland. 58% thought it was important or very important to deal with the legacy of the past.

The Commission would encourage victims and survivors and the wider public to read and consider the proposals and the information contained and give an informed and considered response.

In the coming weeks, the Commission can assist anyone with any policy related queries they may have about the consultation. The Victims and Survivors Service is available to provide help to individuals to respond to the consultation document.

You can access the consultation here.