Commissioner 05 Aug, 2019

Commissioner Opening Address at the John Hewitt Summer School

Judith Thompson on the inclusive definition of a victim, understanding discomfort, and delivering for people who most desperately need help.

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Policy and Research 17 Jul, 2019

Commissioner Publishes Advice to Government on Victims and Survivors Pension Calling for Immediate Implementation

People living with severe and permanent physical and psychological injuries as a direct result of the Troubles today moved a step closer to persuade Government to legislate for a pension. Publication of this advice progresses the agreement of local politicians to support an acceptable way forward to implement the proposal for a pension as outlined within the December 2014 Stormont House Agreement.

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Consultations 05 Jul, 2019

Victims Commissioner Welcomes Publication of Legacy Findings but Calls for a Timetable of Action

After a long wait, the Northern Ireland Office have today published the responses to the Legacy Consultation which ran from May to October last year.

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Commission 03 Jul, 2019

Formal Evaluation of Victims and Survivors Strategy 2009-2019

The Executive Office (TEO) will be seeking to appoint a Contractor to complete an independent evaluation of the Strategy for Victims and Survivors (2009).

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Policy and Research 14 Jun, 2019

Consultation begins on Regional Trauma Network

A consultation process on newly enhanced trauma services for Northern Ireland (NI) has been launched today (14th June 2019) by the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB).

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