Commissioner 30 Aug, 2019

Commissioner welcomes re-appointment and sets out her agenda for the year ahead

Confirming her acceptance of re-appointment as Commissioner for Victims and Survivors, Judith Thompson has set out her agenda to address what she acknowledges will continue to be difficult and contested issues facing victims and survivors of the Troubles.

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Commissioner 21 Aug, 2019

Commissioner Agrees No Moral Equivalence Between Those Who Caused Harm and Those Who Harmed

Responding to a Statement by Emma Little-Pengelly MP, the Commissioner for Victims and Survivors says she totally agrees that there is no moral equivalence between those who have caused harm and those who have suffered harm.

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Consultations 09 Aug, 2019

Consultation Survey - Advice on an extension to the Strategy for Victims and Survivors 2009-2019 and Programme Funding

The Executive Office has asked the Commission for Victims and Survivors to provide advice on:

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Commissioner 05 Aug, 2019

Commissioner Opening Address at the John Hewitt Summer School

Judith Thompson on the inclusive definition of a victim, understanding discomfort, and delivering for people who most desperately need help.

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