The Commission responds to a range of relevant consultations to ensure that policy makers are informed about issues affecting victims and survivors. On 14 November 2018 the UK-wide Strategy for Our Veterans was published. This government strategy sets out principles and aims needed to meet the needs of older veterans as well as the wider veteran community over the next ten years.

In our consultation response we highlighted a number of points to ensure that the framework recognises the needs of veterans, in the context of identification as victims and survivors of the Troubles. We highlighted ongoing work being delivered in Northern Ireland, the need for partnership working, the necessity to measure the impact and effectiveness of services and the importance of supporting the needs of the bereaved. The Commission’s response also emphasised that the strategic direction for Government, nationally and regionally, needs to acknowledge the ongoing impact of the conflict upon society, including those who live outside Northern Ireland.

Our response was informed by our policy positions, findings from our research and engagement with individuals and service deliverers.

You can read the Commission's full response here on the Resources section of our website.