Following the Commission’s recent policy advice on a Victims and Survivors Pension Arrangement (VASPA), the Northern Ireland Office have provided an update on the actions taken since the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Bill was enacted on 24 July 2019.

To date, the UK government have advised that they are;

  • Establishing cross-departmental teams to work at pace to deliver a Victims Payment if the duty comes into effect on 22 October 2019 (i.e. if there is no restored Northern Ireland Executive by this time)Having discussions with the Northern Ireland Civil Service to seek advice and input to inform UK Government-led policy formulation work     
  • Carrying out the initial scoping of how best to deliver the regulations        
  • Reviewing relevant international models         
  • Developing engagement and communications plans ready for implementation should the duty to deliver this Victims’ Payment come into effect.

As previously advised the progress and implementation of a payment arrangement currently lies with Westminster, however we will continue to update you on any progress when we become aware of it.

If you would like to read the Northern Ireland Office’s report in full, please click here.