Victims and Survivors Forum Meet with US Consul General

Today the Victims and Survivors Forum met with the outgoing US Consul General, Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau and reinforced the need for the US government’s continued commitment to reconciliation.

US Consul General Elizabeth Kennedy Trudeau said: 

"I was grateful to accept an invitation to listen and engage with members of the Victims’ and Survivors Forum.  I applaud the work of the forum who, among other institutions, provides a vital mechanism for collaborative engagement and policy formulation”.

Welcoming Ms Kennedy Trudeau’s comments the Forum were agreed that we forever owe the US a debt of gratitude for their role in our peacebuilding.

They went on to express that if the events of the past few weeks have taught us anything, it is that there are still so many for whom the opportunities offered by peace, do not resonate with their reality, and were agreed that they cannot be forgotten, or their voices cast aside.

“As a Forum our commitment has always been rooted in one strong, shared belief; that learning from our experiences and the heartbreak all violence brings, will build a future for our children and grandchildren where peace is the firm foundation.

“For years we have met with policy makers on issues affecting victims and survivors. Each time we have expressed our fear that not effectively addressing our past, or becoming complacent with our peace, has the potential to undermine how far we have come.

“We were grateful today to meet with the Consul General and remind ourselves and the rest of the world that there is a long way to go to ensure the longevity of peace.”