An Update on the Victims Payment Scheme

The Court of Appeal Judgement has recently ruled that ‘there is a legal duty on The Executive Office to fund victims’ payments and lump sums under the 2020 Regulations so that the Board can make the necessary payments in accordance with Regulation 23’.

This is all the information we have at this stage whilst we await further details on timeframes.

We also want victims and survivors to be aware that the Commission has no role in distributing or processing applications. The Department of Justice will be responsible for its administration. We also cannot determine who will receive payment or what the level of payment will be.

If you have any queries you can contact the Department of Justice directly on this email

The role of the Commission in the first instance was to provide evidence of need, statistical reports, policy advice and lobbying to the Executive and Westminster to achieve a decision on the Payment Scheme.

Under our legal duties, we will have an oversight role on the experiences of victims and survivors as they engage with the scheme and will alert the Dept of Justice and the NI Executive of any issues that arise.

We will provide on-going information on our website once details of the scheme become available.

A letter has been issued from the Office of the Justice Minister providing an update on the Victims Payment Scheme, and you can read this letter here.