Commissioner 23 Mar, 2017

Victims and Survivors Commissioner, Judith Thompson on the death of Martin McGuinness MLA

I attended the funeral of Martin McGuinness this afternoon to express my personal respect and condolences to his family.

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Forum 15 Mar, 2017

Tributes paid to outgoing members of Victims and Survivors Forum

The achievements of 11 outgoing members of the Victims and Survivors Forum were celebrated at a farewell dinner in Belfast on Thursday 9th March.

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Commissioner 14 Feb, 2017

Time to Step Up and Deal With the Past

Putting victims at the centre of the peace process is essential for progress, the Commissioner for Victims and Survivors Judith Thompson has said.

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Commissioner 06 Feb, 2017

Commissioner Reaffirms her Commitment to Finding Solutions to Victims’ Issues

Victims Commissioner Judith Thompson has described her determination to deal with issues on behalf of victims and find solutions to the challenges they face.

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Commissioner 27 Jan, 2017

Commissioner meets with Lord Chief Justice and Victims to Express Concern over Legacy Issues

The Commissioner for Victims and Survivors, Judith Thompson today met with the Lord Chief Justice to discuss the impact of the continuing delay in dealing with the backlog of legacy cases in the Coronial Court.

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