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20 June 2023

Commission launches Victims’ Forum Application Process

The Commission for Victims and Survivors will today launch an application process to recruit new members to its Victims and Survivors Forum. This is the first call for new members since 2016. 

The Forum has been a key cog in the Commission’s operations since the office was formed in 2008.  

As a collective, Forum members are there to broadly represent different demographics of victims and survivors; across the gender profile, community background and the type of experience that led to them being a victim. Their role is to bring the lived experience to the research and policy development work the Commission undertakes. 

Speaking of the process which goes live today, Victims’ Commissioner, Ian Jeffers, said “replenishing the membership of the Forum has been a priority for me since coming into post last May.  

“The Forum members we have now are a credit to the organisation. They give a huge amount of time to us voluntarily, they are reflective, considerate and respectful both of each other’s views, and of the wider views out there from many victims and survivors. 

“What’s most important – and in my view, most humbling about them – is their ability to set differences aside and always try and reach a resolution. They actively seek this common ground that they can stand on and are willing to compromise to get there. That’s not an easy ask in this difficult area of work, and it’s something we have greatly considered in developing this application process.  

“We know that this might not be the right fit for everybody, but as important as the Forum is in the development of our work, it is only one of the many ways in which we engage with victims and survivors.  

“Since coming into post last year, I have developed strong relationships with many funded organisations, and met with countless individuals and families. This is something that I will continue to prioritise to ensure every victim feels their views can be represented in some way.”

The Forum recruitment exercise goes live on 20 June 2023.

It will be a four-stage process that includes a short application form and some simple online tests that assess emotional intelligence and resilience. Full details can be found on the Commission’s website.

Individuals who believe they meet the definition of a victims and would like to apply can do so via the Commission’s website, or by contacting their office by email or telephone.

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