2 January 2024

Commission Publishes Advice on Needs of Bereaved

At the request of The Executive Office, the Commission for Victims and Survivors has laid advice to government regarding the needs of those bereaved due to Troubles-related incidents.

The advice was formed in consultation with victims, survivors and various stakeholders and centered around the provision of a payment scheme and services for people bereaved as a result of the Troubles/conflict.

Reflecting on the advice, the Commissioner for Victims and Survivors, Ian Jeffers, said:

“I laid this advice paper to government to highlight the needs of bereaved victims and survivors who have often felt forgotten and pushed aside when it comes to any sort of meaningful acknowledgement of their experience of picking up the pieces and trying to move forward after the death of a close family member.

I know there will be some who find it difficult to accept the idea that all bereaved families should be included, regardless of who their deceased loved one was and I fully understand this challenge. But rather than using it as a reason to dismiss the idea of a recognition payment as a form of acknowledgement, it is now up to our politicians to consider that advice and engage in a conversation to find a way forward as was done with the Victims’ Payment Scheme for the severely injured.

We cannot use disagreement as a reason to do nothing. Nothing has been done to appropriately acknowledge the bereaved for over 25 years since the Belfast Good Friday Agreement and it is they who suffer most if we don’t become solution focused.”

Read the full report on Needs of Bereaved Victims and Survivors here.

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