Our Work

Within the Strategy for Victims and Survivors 2009, the Commission is identified as:

  • Being the primary source of advice to government on victims and survivors issues;
  • Having responsibility for the strategic assessment of need; and
  • Being responsible for ensuring that the correct structures are in place to meet those needs and identify gaps in provision.

The Commission will oversee and provide guidance to the Victims and Survivors Forum in relation to the three key areas of victims and survivors work to ensure that there is a clear focus and that it is productive.  The Victims and Survivors Forum will act as an advisory body to the Commission. 

The infrastructure envisaged in the 2009 Strategy for Victims and Survivors became fully operational for the first time with the establishment of the Victims and Survivors Service (VSS) and also the Victims and Survivors Forum. The Commission's work on the Comprehensive Needs Assessment formed the foundations for the planning and delivery of services by the VSS and resulted directly in policy which has shaped its structure and work. Consequently, in April 2012, the VSS was launched.

A copy of the Strategy for Victims and Survivors can be accessed here.

Advice to Government

One of the Commissioner's statutory duties is to provide advice to Government on matters affecting victims and survivors.  You can view these papers here.

You can also read more about the statutory duties and powers of the Commissioner here.