The Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) was completed in February 2012. The below synopsis outlines the area of caring for victims and survivors and helping those most in need.

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The aim of the Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) was to inform Government of the services required to improve the quality of life and create the conditions where victims and survivors can flourish in society.

The purpose was to examine the needs of victims and survivors and assess whether existing provisions and services met those needs. It also sought to anticipate areas of emerging and growing needs in relation to changing social and economic environments.

The development of the CNA spanned over two years. The Commission submitted a first phase report to OFMDFM (now The Executive Office) in September 2010 with the Phase II Report submitted in February 2012, representing an informed and detailed investigation of the issues affecting the lives of victims and survivors.

The Areas of Need examined were complex, inter-connected and continually evolving. The phased reports provided Government with a comprehensive examination of the most pressing needs currently impacting on victims and survivors of the conflict.

Key Findings