Key Findings

The key findings from this second phase of the CNA were that;

  • The seven areas of need identified within Phase I were confirmed as the accepted Areas of Need and no evidence was found to change the order of their priority.

  • Health and Wellbeing was identified as the main priority area of need for victims and survivors and the area where service delivery was the most complex and expensive.

  • It was recognised that the new Victims and Survivors Service (VSS) had a crucial role to play in the delivery of services to address the needs of victims and survivors. The Report, focused on informing OFMDFM on the services required to address the needs in each of the seven areas identified.

  • The Commission was of the opinion that in order for the VSS to function effectively, improvements were required in the engagement of the statutory sector. This was particularly important between OFMDFM and the then DHSSPS on the issues of mental health, physical health and trans-generational issues.

  • The Commission recognised that a significant amount of funding was available on an annual basis to address the needs of victims and survivors. It was hoped that the advice and information contained within the CNA Phase II Report would enable the statutory and community and voluntary sectors to provide the best services possible to meet their needs.

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