The report listed recommendations under the following headings;

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Social Support
  • Individual Financial Needs
  • Carers Programme
  • Chronic Pain Management Support Programme
  • Disability Support Programme
  • Educational Bursary
  • Financial Assistance Programme – Regular Allowance
  • Truth, Justice And Acknowledgement
  • Welfare Support
  • Trans-Generational Issues And Young People
  • Personal And Professional Development

What has happened since?

Following on from this report the Commission undertook a range of research projects and provided further advice to Government;

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Evaluation of Personalised Budget, February 2016


Impact of the Victim Support Programme, February 2015
Impact of the Indivdual Needs Programme, February 2015


Pension for the Severely Injured Project Report, April 2014
WKM Independent Assessment of the Victims and Survivors Service, February 2014




Advice on Standards for Services Provided to Victims and Survivors, Nov 2016


Advice on a Pension for the Severely Injured, June 2014
Advice on Individuals Under Threat, June 2014
Advice on Independent Assessment of the VSS, February 2014
Advice on Financial Assistance and Means Testing, February 2014


Advice to Ministers on Pensions for those Severely Injured, September  2013


Advice to Ministers on Assessment of Needs of Victims and Survivors, August 2012
Advice on Funding for Services August, 2012
Advice on Meeting the Financial Needs of Victims and Survivors, August 2012


  Key Findings