Key issues

Truth, justice & accountability

Truth, justice & accountability In May 2022, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland brought forward the Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill. This Bill outlined a “conditional amnesty”…

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Acknowledgement In the past, acknowledgement has been intertwined with truth and justice. The Commission has been working to give acknowledgement its own space. We want to consider the many ways…

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Multigenerational Learning

Multigenerational Learning The inclusion of children and young people on victims’ issues to influence cultural or policy change is important, and one of our current priorities.   We have published some…

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Trauma & Mental health

Trauma & Mental Health For many years, we have advocated for a dedicated psychological trauma service to be established for victims and survivors of the Troubles. In 2012, our Comprehensive…

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Services for victims and survivors

Services for victims and survivors Oversight of services to victims and survivors is one of the Statutory duties of the Commissioner. This includes services directly within the sector as funded…

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Great Britain & the Republic of Ireland In the early years of the first government strategy for victims and survivors, work on victims’ issues had been very Northern Ireland centred. …

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