Policy and Research

We carry out research to assess the needs of those most impacted by the Troubles and use this as an evidence base to help shape Government policy and practice.

We do this to improve the lives and experiences of those who have been impacted by the conflict and we ensure their voice is at the heart of the advice we give through extensive stakeholder engagement.  These engagements include individuals impacted by the Troubles, government and statutory agencies, the Victims and Survivors Service and community-based organisations providing front-line service delivery.

Central to all of the work that we do is the guidance of the Victims and Survivors Forum who bring their lived experience to every aspect of our research and policy advice.

We advocate on behalf of all those impacted by the Troubles, whether they reside in Northern Ireland, Great Britain or the Republic of Ireland.

This work is a Statutory Duty of ours, outlined in law through The Victims and Survivors (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.

Some key research papers and policy advice we have submitted include a Comprehensive Needs Assessment in 2012, proposals for a pension for those severely injured during the Troubles (last updated in 2018), the effects of welfare reform on victims and survivors and how best to address the legacy of our collective past.

In addition to our own research and policy advice, we contribute to government consultations that have relevance to the individuals impacted by the conflict.  Examples of these include the UK Government's Strategy for Veterans, the Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Board's establishment of a Regional Trauma Network and calls to evidence for the Personal Independence Payment Assessment Process.

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