Standards for Services

The Commission for Victims and Survivors launched Standards for Services Provided to Victims and Survivors in November 2016.  This document is the culmination of 18 months work and follows an eight week public consultation process.

Standards for Services Provided to Victims and Survivors

The aim of setting these standards is to continuously improve the quality of services provided to victims and survivors whilst ensuring that empathy and understanding is embedded into a model of support that is victim led and holistic.

The Commissioner, Judith Thompson, stated that:

“In a society still being impacted by the legacy of the past, whether as a result of trauma, periods of violence or through political processes, many individuals require service provision that is nuanced to the needs of victims and survivors of conflict-related incidents. 

Where possible these Standards aim to reflect this unique situation.  It is, therefore, essential that organisations delivering services to individuals affected by conflict-related incidents are fully engaged in developing and implementing the standards which will benchmark quality for the delivery of these services, by both voluntary and statutory sector providers.”

The Commission also welcomed the positive and constructive engagement from the victims and survivors sector in responding to the recent consultation workshops and through the written responses.  The Commission has considered all this feedback in producing this final document.

These Standards will now apply to all organisations providing services to victims and survivors and in particular those funded by the Victims and Survivors Service.

The Standards and the response to the consultation can be found below:

Final Standards Document 2016

Consultation Response Report