Victims and Survivors Service

The Victims and Survivors Service (VSS) administers Executive Office funding that is set aside specifically for victims and survivors.

This funding enables the VSS to carry out two key tasks:

  1. Assess the needs of individual victims and survivors, in order to provide tailored services and support; and
  2. To allocate resources to organisations that provide services and support to victims and survivors.

The Commission reviews and supports the VSS in providing the best possible services to individuals and communities; VSS quarterly reviews can be accessed here.

To read more about the VSS visit their website:

If you need to contact the Victims and Survivors Service directly you can call them on 028 90 279 100, or by writing to or:

Victims & Survivors Service
1st Floor, Seatem House
28-32 Alfred Street
Belfast BT2 8EN

(Office Hours: 9.00am - 5.00pm)