PEACE IV Research Programme

The Commission for Victims and Survivors has been appointed to manage a major research programme whereby three PEACE IV funded research projects will be carried out over the next three years. The findings of the research will help improve the lives of victims and survivors and their families in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland.

A total of £250,000 has been awarded to the Commission to manage the programme, which will cover three areas of study - Review of Trauma Services, Transgenerational Legacy and Young People and Advocacy Services (in the use of historical information recovery).   

Lead Partner – Victims and Survivors Service

The Commission will be working closely with colleagues in the Victims and Survivors Service (VSS), who are the lead partner for the wider PEACE IV Victims Programme under Objective 3: Shared Spaces and Services. The funding is part of wider package of £13.4m of PEACE IV funds awarded to the VSS.

Seminar and Launch

The Commission launched the research programme at a seminar in Belfast on 17 June 2017, where invited guests learned about the programme and also heard from researchers at Ulster University and Queen’s University about their ongoing victims-focussed and conflict-related research studies. Geraldine Hamilton, Head of Health and Wellbeing at the VSS gave a brief overview of the wider PEACE IV Victims and Survivors Programme. 

Read about the launch of the research programme here.
Click here to download a PDF of the presentation from the launch seminar.

Three Research Projects

The research projects are aligned to the wider PEACE IV Victims and Survivors Programme with its focus on improving case management, service coordination and growing the evidence base in the delivery of health and wellbeing and advocacy support services.  

In addition, the proposed study on Transgenerational Legacy and Young People provides a unique opportunity to examine how outstanding conflict-legacy issues continue to affect the health and social wellbeing of sections of young people and their families. It will build on previous transgenerational legacy research including the two recent studies conducted by Queen’s University and Ulster University on behalf of the Commission.

What is the PEACE IV programme?

The €270m PEACE Programme 2014-2020 is a unique Structural Funds programme aimed at reinforcing progress towards a peaceful and stable society in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland. The Programme’s key objectives are:

  • Shared Education
  • Children & Young People
  • Shared Spaces & Services
  • Building Positive Relations

The eligible area for the Programme is Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland )counties Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Louth, Monaghan and Sligo).

What Happens Next?

The PEACE IV procurement exercise is now open and will run until 26 January 2018

You can find further information about this here.

Contact Us 

For more information on the research programme, please contact Dr Neil Foster by email: or tel: 028 9031 1000.