The Victims and Survivors Forum

This section contains information about each member of the Victims and Survivors Forum.

Alex Bunting

Alex Bunting lost a leg and sustained other serious injuries in a booby trap bomb attack on his taxi in Belfast in 1991.

Mitch Bresland

Mitch Bresland served in the UDR and Royal Irish Regiment for 24 years. His brother was a part-time UDR member who was shot and injured. A close friend in the regiment was shot and killed.


Liz Clarke

Liz Clarke is a former member of the UDR and Royal Irish Regiment. Her husband, Eric, was an RUC officer who was killed in a mortar attack on his patrol in 1991.

Violet Craig

Violet Craig’s husband, Albert, was an RUC sergeant. He suffered a serious beating in 1971. He was shot dead while on duty in 1976. Her brother was injured in 1982 while serving in the UDR.

Jan Crawford

Jan is the carer of Gary, who was severely injured in the Teebane bombing in January 1992. Jan and Gary were engaged at the time of the bomb and were married in July 1992.

Paul Crawford

In January 1974, Paul's father John had his life taken by the UVF.  His father was one of three close family members who lost their lives in the conflict. Paul grew up in West Belfast and experienced many conflict related incidents.

Donal Dunn

Donal Dunn comes from Derry.  He was 18 years old, when his father, who had 6 children, was killed in a bomb explosion at May Street in January 1974.  He was killed along with work colleague Cecilia Byrne.  The bomb was claimed by the Official I.R.A.

Paul Gallagher

Paul was seriously injured in a sectarian gun attack on his home in 1994 in which he and his family were held hostage. He was 21 at the time of the shooting.

Stephen Gault

Stephen Gault was injured in an IRA bombing at the war memorial in Enniskillen on Remembrance Sunday in 1987, when he was aged 18.  His father, Samuel, a retired RUC Sergeant, was murdered along with 11 others.

Eibhlin Glenholmes

Eibhlin Glenholmes is a life-long republican. In 1974, when she was 16 years old, Ms. Glenholmes was shot and wounded near her home in east Belfast.

Peter Heathwood

Peter Heathwood was shot and paralysed in a gun attack on his home in north Belfast in 1979. His father, Herbert, died of a heart attack at the scene.

Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly comes from north Antrim. Her father, Gerry Dalrymple, was shot and killed on a building site in Castlerock 1993.


Irene Kerrigan

Irene Kerrigan served in the UDR and Royal Irish Regiment for 25 years. In March, 1984, Irene’s brother-in-law was killed while off-duty and in July, 1984, her husband, David, was injured in a bomb attack on his UDR patrol which also claimed the life of his sister.

Sarah Malone

Sarah’s father, Michael was murdered when she was three by the IRA. He was a Catholic police officer in the RUC and held an exemplary record.

Paul McCormac

Paul McCormac's father, John, was a civil servant working in Belfast in 1973 when he was shot dead ‎by the UFF. He grew up in Portadown during the worst of the troubles where he witnessed a shooting and escaped injury in a bomb blast. In 1985 the family suffered further loss when his uncle Hugh McCormac, a RUC Sergeant, was shot dead leaving mass near Enniskillen.

Shirley McMichael

Shirley's husband, John McMichael, was killed in December 1987. John was a UDA Brigadier and was instrumental in writing the 'Common Sense' document.

Jennifer McNern

When she was aged 21 years old Jennifer McNern lost both legs in a bomb explosion in the Abercorn restaurant in Belfast in 1972. Her sister, Rosaleen, then aged 22, lost both legs and an arm and sustained a serious eye injury in the same attack.

Mary Moreland

Mary was bereaved in December 1988 when her husband John was shot and killed. John and Mary both served in the UDR.

Mary is currently the Public Relations Officer and Chairman Elect for the War Widows Association.

Niall Ó Murchu

Niall's Uncle and Godfather Ciaran Murphy was killed by Loyalists in 1974 when he was 17 years old. Niall is a legacy lawyer in Belfast dealing with conflict-related deaths and injuries.

David Scott

In 1985, David Scott’s father died suddenly at the time of the funeral of a close relative who was murdered along with 8 other police officers in a mortar attack. David’s family were also deeply affected when another close relative serving in the RUC Reserve escaped death because a work colleague was mistakenly targeted and shot instead of him.

Ann Travers

Ann Travers was 14 years old when her sister, Mary, died in a gun attack in south Belfast in 1984. Her father, Tom, sustained serious injuries and her mother survived an attempt on her life in the same incident.

Lesley Veronica

Lesley Veronica’s Father, David, was a part time member of the UDR. He was shot and killed by the IRA in 1973 when Lesley was four. Her sister was six month old.

Jude Whyte

Jude Whyte comes from the lower Ormeau area of Belfast. His mother, Peggy, was killed in a second bomb attack on their home in 1984. A police officer also died in the incident.